Marketing Consultancy

Delivering strategic Marketing, Public Relations and Event initiatives to grow your business.

Marketing Consultancy

JoyStars will provide high value marketing, public relations and event advice at an affordable cost coupled with hands-on implementation when required. Do you want to become more competitive and grow your business? How can you attract more customers, increase sales and make everything you spend on marketing count? A quote by Philip Kotler sums it up “Marketing is the creative use of truth.”

Regardless of whether you are creating strategic marketing plans, planning an event or need help with copywriting and public relations activities, JoyStars will deliver fresh thinking and inspiration into your marketing initiatives.

Working with a partner network of industry experts including; Creative, Media Buying, Web Development and Market Research, JoyStars can deliver the full marketing service package or can just as easily work with the clients own teams, agencies and suppliers.

Marketing Audits and Overview

Identify your marketing’s strengths and weaknesses, understand future opportunities and threats.

Marketing Audits and Overview

The importance of a full marketing audit it often overlooked. By working with me you will have ‘a fresh pair of eyes’ to take an overall look at your current marketing activity. This is your chance to take a step back from the business and understand your marketing’s strengths and weaknesses as a whole.

An audit should be considered as an integral part of the marketing planning process, taking place not only at the beginning of the campaign but also being reviewed during the implementation of the plan. Looking at both the internal and external influences on marketing planning, JoyStars will clarify opportunities as well as threats, thus providing the insight to adjust the current plan where necessary.

To give you some idea of the involvement required, detailed below are some of the areas that will be under consideration.

  • What are your marketing objectives
  • What are your current marketing strategies
  • Is the marketing plan being efficiently implemented
  • What marketing mix are you using – is it correct
  • Do all of the individual marketing activities work together
  • Are all of the marketing messages on brand
  • Are the marketing communications right
  • Is the marketing process being effectively controlled
  • Is the marketing budget being used efficiently
  • Is the marketing plan realistic with the budgets and staffing levels available
  • Do you know who your customer is and are they being correctly targeted

When the ‘collection of information’ process is completed, you will be presented with a comprehensive written overview. This will outline the findings and detail effective recommendations to help you achieve your marketing and business goals.

Marketing Strategies and Plans

Develop Marketing Strategies, Objectives and Action Plans with distinct measurable goals.

Marketing Strategies and Plans

Developing a solid Marketing Strategy creates the platform that forms the basis for all future marketing and communications. Fully grasping how crucial this is to your business success, JoyStars formulate Marketing Strategies and Marketing Objectives to have distinct measurable goals. From this a Marketing Plan with Marketing Actions - the tactics you will use to bring your plan to life - will be created.

A Marketing Strategy is structured way of dealing with marketing issues. A Marketing Plan is a written document that details the necessary actions to achieve one or more marketing objectives. By working with you to get a full understanding of your customers and why they buy your products and services, I will develop and execute an evidence-based, clearly defined, Marketing Strategy focused on driving revenue and business growth.

I will tailor the Marketing Strategy and in turn the Marketing Plan to your specific business needs, taking account of budget, resources, competitors, risks, and level of demand for product or service, to name but a few. All of the marketing dimensions including market research, customer service, advertising, targeting, e-marketing, and more will be considered and the finished product will be straightforward, achievable and to the point.

Written as a plan of action, you can follow, monitor, update and regularly evaluate your Marketing Plan to ensure you continue to target and reach your business goals. It can then form a key component of the company’s Business Plan, making it essential to planning the overall direction that you want your business to take.

Brand Building and Positioning

Define your brands key elements and discover how to drive your Brand forward.

Brand Building and Positioning

JoyStars will help you understand your brand, customers, target audience and niche in the market, guiding you whilst you build your business into a Brilliant Brand. By working together, we will help you to define and understand your brands key elements such as Brand Positioning, Brand Values, Brand Personality and Brand Promise so that we can identify the most effective way of propelling your Brand forward.

How do you see your Brand – as a Logo or strapline or as a promise to your customer? A quote from Amir Kassaei states “A Brand is not a product or a promise or a feeling. It’s the sum of all the experiences you have within a company.” This should be at the heart of your marketing strategy.

Brand reality is defined by the customers view; a Brand builds loyalty that is hard to shake and with a Brand, customers know you, like you and trust you. This can have a huge impact on business as being a Brand can shorten the decision making process and you do not have to justify cost in the same way.

With flair, dedication and enthusiasm JoyStars will revive an existing brand, or create a completely new proposition in your arena, building an identity for your brand that is clear, consistent and creative.

Event Planning and Management

Formulating and overseeing memorable events to make them fun, exciting and stress free.

Event Planning and Management

Planning your event should be fun, exciting and stress free but rarely is! JoyStars take pride in working with clients to create a statement event, from which we can develop a marketing solution that inspires and enthuses your customers and builds loyalty for your company brand.

From the first consultation meeting we will gain an in-depth understanding of your brand, product and objectives. With this we build and hands-on manage an event, that aligns with your key corporate messages and has an on-Brand purpose for both you and your guests.

Going back to the stress…. We will look after you and make the pre-event design, planning process, running of the event and finally the post event debrief and reporting, as easy for you as possible. JoyStars will do all the legwork and present you with options along the way.

You will remain in control whilst being able to spend time on other work responsibilities. Our involvement will be completed after we have presented our post-event report, detailing how your objectives were met and any return on investment generated.

Public Relations

Raise your profile with positive PR exposure and send out the message of success.

Public Relations

Positive exposure conveys a degree of success and can encompass many different forms. JoyStars will help you to shine above your competitors and build a comprehensive plan that compliments your marketing activities.

With a wealth of PR experience spanning over 17 years, you can trust JoyStars to deliver exceptionally high standards and confidently deal with press, senior management and the business community when planning and managing your PR programme. The development of strong working rapports with journalists comes as second nature to me. Ensuring availability and access for the media, along with the provision of prompt responses to deadlines, will enable maximum coverage for your company and minimise any potentially negative press situations.

To raise your profile you need to understand what your unique selling points are, the needs of the people you are trying to reach, and how to find the right ways to communicate those points to those people. There are many different ways of doing that and it's important to find the way that relates best to the people you are trying to speak to. Some of the areas JoyStars is able to work with you to utilise include:

  • Newspapers
  • Printed publications
  • Community Radio
  • Blogging – on your site or on a guest site or forum - share your expertise on a platform for all to see
  • Public Speaking Events
  • Presenting Seminars
  • Sponsor targeted events
  • Webinars and podcasts
  • Donate prizes for publication or event competitions
  • Piggybacking on others you work with to name drop your name and collaborate on good PR coverage

Marketing and PR are ideally integrated activities and as such should always work together. Research will be undertaken to ascertain each of your targeted publications’ or events’ exact requirements and the hook required to get your press releases and company included. I will then establish where you can add value and how to achieve good cost effective PR for your business, whilst supporting your other Marketing activities.

Social Media

Embrace Social Media Marketing and generate new sales and trust opportunities.

Social Media

Don’t miss out on one of the greatest communications revolutions ever and allow JoyStars to help you embrace Social Media Marketing. If you are using the internet for any online form of marketing there is no question that social networking should form part of your online media mix.

Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Four square and You Tube are major marketing opportunities for small and medium sized businesses and there are many different ways you can generate opportunities from each of these.

JoyStars will help you talk to your target audience by producing attractive, engaging content – the sort that they can relate to and people want to read and share. When content is shared, it's validated – marked as relevant and worthwhile by real people – building trust and confidence for your brand and also for your website.

I write well researched, up to date copy that inspires trust, so the authority it generates helps you to climb the page rankings. Ranking and brand authority are directly related, so succinct relevant and on-brand copy helps you to engage with real people and allows you to reach more people to engage with. A win : win situation for all!

Campaign Planning

Developing a specific project or campaign, let’s turn a daunting task into a manageable one.

Campaign Planning

With over 20 years of campaign planning experience, whether you need to plan your marketing strategy for the company or need assistance in developing a specific marketing campaign to achieve a particular goal, JoyStars can help to reduce a daunting task into a manageable one.

Setting the Objectives
We will start with a full briefing session where we can fully explore the brief and gain insight and understanding into the objectives, reasoning behind it and ultimate goals. Do you want to attract new customers, or would it be better to tempt existing customers to visit more often / spend more time?

Understanding your Target Audience and Competitors
Using your research or undertaking some on your behalf, I will build a customer profile. Defining your audience is the most fundamental step. It is the difference between a generic message that falls flat and a campaign that really resonates.

Researching your Competitors
Taking a look at your competitors will help define what makes you unique. A SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) will assist with an objective view of your business.

Agreeing a Budget
How much can you afford? Budgeting is about being realistic. I will help you set a budget that allows you to consider practical campaigns, preventing you pursuing ideas that can never give you a return on investment. If cash flow is a problem, we will work to find cost effective ways to ‘get out there’ on a shoestring.

Determine the Correct Communication Chanel
JoyStars will consider all the options, find out the rough costs for each element and narrow it down to a few that sit within your budget and target your defined audience. How is best to reach your audience? Will it be by advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct mail, sponsorship of an event or even word of mouth?

Develop the Right Messages
We will look at all your unique selling points and pick one strong clear message to promote. In the three seconds you have to grab attention and make people want to read on, you need to have the correct attention grabbing message that will appeal to your identified target audience. The call to action that follows this will again be specific to the business and campaign objectives, with a built in monitoring function to track return on investment.

Produce Marketing Materials to be Proud of
You are building a Brand, a company image that will inspire trust, loyalty and reputation. With this in mind you should not cut corners when producing your marketing materials. Stylish and professional does not have to break the bank and JoyStars can help you to achieve this by using a creative team that we trust and have worked with for 18 years. You need to be proud of what you are going to use and poor quality can damage a business in the same way that good quality can enhance it. Trust us to ensure that your marketing materials get noticed, for a price you can afford.

The Important but Boring bit…..The T’s and C’s.
Straight forward promotional campaigns may not require terms and conditions but offers, competitions and other marketing avenues will. JoyStars will work with you to ensure that the bases are covered, you can support your claims and that your customers will be delighted with what you are offering.

Marketing Budget Planning and Control

Make everything you spend on Marketing, Events and Public Relations count.

Marketing Budget Planning and Control

Budget planning….. is it a task you never a relish and always put off where you can? Does the list of items to fund and lack of large budget make the task daunting? With over 20 years’ experience in planning and budgeting for marketing, PR and event activities with both large and minimal budgets, this area is well within our comfort zone.

Let me sit down and show you how to simply budget and effectively control your marketing funds, maximise value for money, plan for the ‘one off chance opportunity ‘ and enable you to work smartly to manage your funds throughout the financial year.

Creative Briefs and Planning

New creative? So much consider! Do you need a guiding hand to steer you through the pitfalls?

Creative Briefs and Planning

When choosing a creative style, what do you need to consider, what should it look like, will it work, should you change it? How many questions can we ask when making one of the most important brand and marketing decisions you have to make as the marketing manager!

Understanding your individual requirements is the first step to developing a creative style and I really focus on achieving this goal in the first consultation. I recognise that no two projects are the same and by analysing the character of your organisation, target audience and requirements, I will define a clear brief for both the creative team and your organisation.

Once you have decided to go ahead, how do you choose an agency, how should you assess their ideas when presented?..... more questions…… I provide a guiding hand to steer you through the pitfalls and show you how to work around and through the dangers. If you would like me to sit in any presentations to provide a hands-on service, it would be a privilege to do that to.

Creative design can be a minefield of choices. The right choice and ‘WOW’ it works, the wrong choice and potentially a very costly mistake. This is an exciting business decision to make and one that should be enjoyed – don’t stress and miss out, have support and enjoy the exhilaration of creating something new for all to see!

Website Planning

Ensure your website portrays your Brand correctly whilst really connecting with your customers.

Website Planning

With on-line playing a major part in the marketing awareness and the social standing of a business it is more important than ever to ensure that your website portrays you and your brand correctly. With my past web- development projects consistently achieving well over 100% above industry benchmarks on all KPI’s, you can be assured that I will work with you to help grow and develop your businesses online whilst really connecting with your customers.

Each and every project requirement is tackled with the same high level of enthusiasm and creativity, with passion and attention to detail shining through in all that I do.

I can recommend a web team for the actual site development, or work with one of your own, to develop and create the best possible solution to meet your needs and ensure you achieve your long-term goals and targets.

Project Management

Helping you realise the first challenge of project management. Achieve all of the project goals!

Project Management

With over 20 years' experience in this discipline, I am well placed to rise to the first challenge of project management - to achieve all of the project goals! Championing the ‘what would you accomplish if you believed it was impossible to fail’ motto, I embrace the trials of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to meet your unique goals and objectives. Working through the project management process, I will ensure that your marketing, public relations and event projects are kept on track and on time.

Project Stages

  • Discuss and agree a precise specification for the project
  • Plan the project including time required to complete, staffing issues, specific project activities, any other resources required and budgets
  • Communicate the project plan to the project team and company-wide as instructed
  • Agree and undertake or delegate project actions
  • Manage and motivate – inform and encourage to enable all parties involved in the project
  • Check, measure, monitor and review the projects progress - adjust project plans, informing the project team and others where necessary
  • Complete the project. Review and report on the projects performance, ensuring credit is given to team members where earned
  • Project follow-up – measure and report the projects results, benefits and return on investment

Market Research Evaluation

Gain insight to maximise potential from your market research and optimise your research budget.

Market Research Evaluation

Do you have market research you are not sure what to make of, or understand how it can be used to help drive your business forward? JoyStars will help you gain the customer insight required to maximise the potential from your research and make the most of your research budget.

Research should support a projects decision making process. Understanding and fully utilising the results, maximises the best value from your research budget. By correctly interpreting what is, or just as importantly what is not, found in the market research and asking the correct questions to clarify results, you can build a clear, concise and relevant picture enabling you to understand your customer’s preferences and behaviour.

From your research I will identify target audiences, present or missing, for product launches, leveraging brand strengths, segmenting markets or to help improve customer satisfaction, enabling you to further fine tune your marketing and communications activities.

Conversely, if you are looking to commission some research, utilise my comprehensive experience to help determine those questions that need to be asked to gain maximum value and results from your budget.

Customer Service Evaluation and Planning

Establish a vision for customer service excellence. Create a memorable good service company culture.

Customer Service Evaluation and Planning

By looking at all of your customer service measures and auditing your communication channels, I will determine whether you are brilliant at the basics. How does your company manage customer service? Do you have a plan? Do you follow it or do you just keep your fingers crossed and hope?

You are better off delivering a good service all of the time than an exceptional service some of the time.

How you answer the phone, return calls promptly, word your emails – are they friendly, is spelling and punctuation correct, all plays a part in good customer service. Add this to asking your customers why they like your company and why do they use you and a picture starts to form.

With all of the information gathered, I will create a bespoke customer service plan clearly communicating service standards and expectations, with basic action points and recommendations that can be to be adopted across the company to ensure consistent service across all channels.

The JoyStars goal is always to provide an effective customer service strategy, establish a vision for customer service excellence and create a company culture of customer service. This allows you to build the brand and for customers to enjoy a good experience which in turn, encourages them to return. Regardless of a good day or bad day, implement your personalised strategy and you will always be recognised as going above and beyond when it comes to customer care.


Connect to your customers with relevant, targeted, copy that really sells your business, idea or product.


So you have your brand or product along with a myriad of thoughts and ideas that you need to get across, which are currently scribbled on post it notes or whizzing abut in your head. That is where I come in.

Good copywriting gives people useful, easy-to-read information, using words to inspire and create change. I understand that the right way to do this is different for every brand, every product and every customer group. I will express the character of your brand through the written word, put a personality on the page, communicate value and ensure its power to connect.

Let your marketing collateral follow my three C’s copywriting mantra:-

Connect - Make people take notice, sit up and listen.

Convince - Tell people about benefits clearly, concisely and memorably, it may take three words, or it may take three hundred.

Convert - Turn interest into initiative, give the reader a gentle push, ensure they understand this message is for them, and that they need to act on it.