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Words to inspire and engage

So, you have your brand or product along with a myriad of thoughts and ideas that you need to communicate. Perhaps they are currently scribbled on a post-it note or still whizzing abut in your head. That is where I come in!

Good copywriting gives people informative and easy-to-read information, using words that will inspire and persuade the reader to engage with the brand. And your website, blogs, adverts, brochures, mail campaigns and landing pages need to be accurate and clear, with inviting and well thought out written copy.

I will express the character of your brand through the written word and put a personality on the page. I will communicate its value and ensure it has the power to connect.

Let your marketing collateral follow my three Cā€™s copywriting mantra: -

Connect - Make people take notice, sit up and listen.

Convince - Tell people about benefits clearly, concisely and memorably, it may take three words, or it may take three hundred.

Convert - Turn interest into initiative, give the reader a gentle push, ensure they understand this message is for them, and that they need to act on it.


How do I work?

How I work with you, depends on the service and input you require.

If you provide me with a topic, I can research, source and write the subject matter accordingly, providing a complete written piece to proof, amend and sign off at completion.

Or, if I am provided with a list of bullet points I am able to work them up and create flowing informative copy, using the points as the main focus of the piece.

Website links are also a good starting point, and provide a good guide on where to start when creating an informative feature from scratch.

I will also make notes from a phone conversation and tweak existing copy to update and refresh it when required.

And for those that enjoy writing themselves, I provide a proofing and checking service to ensure that everything is in order before the copy is available in the public domain.


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