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Ensure your brand is seen

Do you want to become more competitive and grow your business? How can you attract more customers, increase sales and make everything you spend on marketing count?

A quote by Philip Kotler sums it up “Marketing is the creative use of truth.”


Marketing Consultancy

Regardless of whether you are creating strategic marketing plans, planning an event, or need help with copywriting, press and public relations activities, JoyStars will deliver fresh thinking and inspiration into your marketing initiatives.

Working with a partner network of industry experts including; Social Media, Creative, Photography and Website Development, JoyStars can deliver the full marketing service package, or will just as easily work with a client’s own teams, agencies and suppliers.


Marketing Audits and Overview

The importance of a full marketing audit is often overlooked and I provide ‘a fresh pair of eyes’ to take an overall look at your current marketing activity. And this will often prove to be enlightening!

Understanding your promotional strengths and weaknesses is a valuable insight to have, and many companies omit to include it as an integral part of the marketing planning process.

A selection of the key areas for consideration include:

  • What are the marketing objectives?
  • What are the current marketing strategies?
  • Is the marketing plan being efficiently implemented?
  • Is the correct marketing mix being utilised?
  • Are all the individual marketing activities working together?
  • Are all of the marketing messages on brand and targeted?
  • Is the marketing process being effectively controlled?
  • Is the marketing budget being maximized?


Marketing Strategies and Plans

By working with you to get a full understanding of your customers and why they buy your products and services, I will develop and execute an evidence-based, clearly defined, Marketing Strategy focused on driving revenue and business growth.

This will form the basis for all future marketing and communications. And, always with distinct measurable goals, it is from this that a Marketing Plan with Marketing Actions - the tactics you will use to bring your plan to life - is created.

A Marketing Strategy is structured way of dealing with marketing issues.

A Marketing Plan is a written document that details the necessary actions to achieve one or more marketing objectives.

Tailored to your specific business needs and taking account of budget, resources, competitors, risks, and the level of demand for your product or service, all of the marketing dimensions will be considered and the finished product will be straightforward, achievable and to the point.


Campaign Planning

With over 25 years of campaign planning experience, whether you need to plan a whole marketing strategy for the company, or just need assistance in developing a specific marketing campaign to achieve a particular goal, JoyStars will help to turn a daunting task into a manageable one.

Working with you as part of your team, I will collate all of the essential information and create a plan that is creative, practical and manageable by all. This will include:

  • Setting the objectives
  • Understanding your target audience and competitors
  • Researching your competitors
  • Agreeing a budget
  • Determining the correct communication channels
  • Developing the right messages
  • Produce marketing materials you can be proud of
  • The important but boring bit…. The T’s and C’s.

Take a look at my blogs for some more in depth information.


Marketing Budgets - Planning and Control

Budget planning is a task few relish and frequently it is bottom of the to do list... With experience in planning both large and minimal budgets for marketing, press, public relations and event activities, I can help.

Let me sit down and show you how to budget simply, whilst effectively controlling your marketing funds, maximising value for money, and planning for the ‘one off chance opportunity‘ to enable you to manage your funds smartly throughout the financial year.


Creative Briefs and Planning

This is one of the most important brand and marketing decisions you will have to make and ensuring that ‘everyone understands and is on the same page’ is crucial for its success. I take the time to understand your individual requirements and will most probably ask a lot of questions you may not have considered.

Creative design can be a minefield of choices and I know that no two projects are the same. By analysing your organization’s character, target audience and requirements, I will define a clear brief for both the creative team and your top level managers.

Once you have decided to go ahead, how do you choose an agency? How should you assess their ideas when presented? I can manage this process for you or just provide a guiding hand to steer you through the pitfalls, showing you how to work around and through the dangers.

And, if you would like me to sit in any presentations to provide a hands-on service, it would be a privilege to do so.


Social Media

There is no question that social networking should form part of your online media mix and JoyStars works with an exceptional social media company to create online and offline campaigns that work cohesively together.

Working in conjunction with social media streams can open up many marketing and promotional opportunities.


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