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Creating Events to drive your business forward

Planning your event should be fun, exciting and stress free but rarely is!

JoyStars takes pride in working with clients to create a memorable event that will inspire and enthuse guests, whilst building loyalty and trust for the company brand.

I ensure that the pre-event planning process, creative design, running of the event, and finally the post event debrief and reporting, are as easy for you as possible.

I do all the legwork, present you with options along the way, and you remain in control and have time to spend on other work responsibilities.


Thorough event planning is the key to success

Comprehensive planning helps to ensure the smooth running of an event, and it is often the attention to detail that then makes it most memorable.

But for the planning to be effective, there must be a clear idea of the event’s objectives. What is the company hoping to achieve? What are the messages that need to be received by the guests? How many guests are estimated to attend?

When running through the planning process, although each event has its own individual requirements, a number of points are common to the success of most occasions. The following points identify a selection of the areas JoyStars can manage for you in the run up to the event.


The Starting Point

Before I start to plan your event, both you and I need to have a clear idea of what you hope the event will achieve and why it is being undertaken.

  • By having clear goals and objectives, I will ensure that each area is covered. In turn, this will optimize the chances of success.
  • Are you raising awareness of a brand or product, or perhaps raising appreciation for your support in a charity or community project?
  • Will this be a customer event, or a showcase event with media attending?
  • Are the number of guests and budget available realistic?


Event Planning and Management

Each event is unique, but all require specific attention to some key planning areas. These include:

  • An action plan to organize, manage and run the event, with specific roles allotted to specific people. This will include who is overseeing the event and which in-house or off-site staff are on hand to assist.
  • Confirmation of who is responsible for authorising and signing off of the planning, spend and media content stages.
  • Has a date been set, or is it dependent on the availability of a venue? Once a date has been agreed the venue, caterer, entertainment and additional suppliers will be sourced and booked.


Creating your memorable event

Want your event to be remembered and talked about? One way to do this is with a ‘WOW’ factor and this could be through a big grand venue with lots of pizzazz!

But... A memorable event can also be created on a more modest scale by using some careful thought and creative details. So, to make it happen I can:

  • Create and manage a theme, style and event action plan that will respect the budgets available.
  • Confirm sponsors, partnerships and joint initiatives where required.
  • Set a publicity plan in place before identifying and contacting each media avenue and appropriate contact.
  • Draw up an event day action plan, including specific responsibilities for each team member.
  • Brief the management team and issue a running order document where required.
  • Run a pre- event venue check to ensure that all facilities are as expected. Remember the attention to detail… no matter how amazing the event, small hitches such as a broken lavatory lock will tarnish a guest’s experience!
  • Ensure a company media spokesperson is fully briefed and on hand for comment or interview if required.


Post event actions

After the event is the time to maximise the return on investment, whilst managing the event publicity, company awareness and most importantly incremental sales. There are many ways JoyStars can provide assistance with this including:

  • Contacting guests with a follow up / thank you letter.
  • Compiling information and images to be distributed to the media celebrating the success of the event.
  • Creating and managing the content for all social media and online streams, ensuring the correct messages are portrayed.
  • Thanking company staff for their participation and help in creating a successful event.
  • Planing a post event meeting to review the event.


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