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If you are looking for hints, tips and information on how to manage your marketing, present your news, events and stories to the media, or just to see what JoyStars is currently involved in, you are in the right place.

My aim is to provide information and suggestions to help you manage your marketing, press, media relations, public relations, copywriting, events, projects and campaigns with confidence.

So these blog pages are an eclectic mix of useful ideas, marketing pointers and interesting items and observations that have captured my attention or made me think – see how we could all learn from a squirrel!

I add posts on a regular basis so please pop back to see what’s new, and if you have a specific interest around a particular subject area, please do get in contact with me and ask.


When you know you have got it right!

Are you looking to work more closely with the media?  Well how do you achieve that and how do you know what they are looking for? Well, I have received the most amazing testimonial from an influential press editor and within that kind recommendation were a number of key points that really told me that I have got it right! So...


Top Tips for Radio Interviews

When I say “Would you be happy to do a radio interview?” many of my client’s gulp! But in reality, it is nothing to be concerned about.  You are talking to a person who is interested in your product, success, or event and it is best for them if you can present the relevant information in a clear and upbeat...


It's in the detail!

How do you make your marketing really work and what do you need to consider when targeting it correctly?   I often ask the question what is your catchment area?  And one of the frequent replies is ‘Oh, just local’.   So what is local?  What is the immediate area and how do you drill down to what that really means?   My next question...


Planning a marketing campaign

With over 25 years of campaign planning experience, whether you need to plan your marketing strategy for the company or need just assistance in developing a specific marketing campaign to achieve a particular goal, JoyStars will help to turn a daunting task into a manageable one. Setting the Objectives We will start with a full briefing session where we can fully...


The Squirrel has set the challenge again!

Whilst drinking a cup of coffee at the weekend, I was watching a squirrel bury hazel nuts in my lawn and flower beds. Very cute to watch, but as I have to spend every year digging up numerous sprouting hazelnut trees, I know that I have been set another challenge! However, it got me thinking and you have to be...


What are the benefits to outsourcing your marketing?

There are so many advantages to outsourcing all, or some of company’s marketing functions, but these are rarely understood until they are simply clarified either on paper or face to face. Provided your agency operates as an extension of your in house team and your primary contact is constant, these benefits can be extensive. I am therefore going to identify...


Changing one small thing

We all know what can happen when you change just one thing – whether it be the paint colour in a room – the room seems brighter, bigger, more exclusive or modern and the different clothes you wear can make you look professional, scruffy, casual, fat or thin and these are just two examples. Well this was really brought home...