Planning a marketing campaign
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Planning a marketing campaign


With over 25 years of campaign planning experience, whether you need to plan your marketing strategy for the company or need just assistance in developing a specific marketing campaign to achieve a particular goal, JoyStars will help to turn a daunting task into a manageable one.

Setting the Objectives
We will start with a full briefing session where we can fully explore the brief and gain insight and understanding into the objectives, reasoning behind it and ultimate goals. Do you want to attract new customers, or would it be better to tempt existing customers to visit more often / spend more time?

Understanding your Target Audience and Competitors
Using your research or undertaking some on your behalf, I will build a customer profile. Defining your audience is the most fundamental step. It is the difference between a generic message that falls flat and a campaign that really resonates.

Researching your Competitors 
Taking a look at your competitors will help define what makes you unique. A SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) will assist with an objective view of your business.

Agreeing a Budget
How much can you afford? Budgeting is about being realistic. I will help you set a budget that allows you to consider practical campaigns, preventing you pursuing ideas that can never give you a return on investment. If cash flow is a problem, we will work to find cost effective ways to ‘get out there’ on a shoestring.

Determine the Correct Communication Chanel
JoyStars will consider all the options, find out the rough costs for each element and narrow it down to a few that sit within your budget and target your defined audience. How is best to reach your audience? Will it be by advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct mail, sponsorship of an event or even word of mouth?

Develop the Right Messages
We will look at all your unique selling points and pick one strong clear message to promote. In the three seconds you have to grab attention and make people want to read on, you need to have the correct attention grabbing message that will appeal to your identified target audience. The call to action that follows this will again be specific to the business and campaign objectives, with a built in monitoring function to track return on investment.

Produce Marketing Materials to be Proud of
You are building a Brand, a company image that will inspire trust, loyalty and reputation. With this in mind you should not cut corners when producing your marketing materials. Stylish and professional does not have to break the bank and JoyStars can help you to achieve this by using a creative team that we trust and have worked with for 18 years. You need to be proud of what you are going to use and poor quality can damage a business in the same way that good quality can enhance it. Trust us to ensure that your marketing materials get noticed, for a price you can afford.

The Important but Boring bit…..The T’s and C’s.
Straight forward promotional campaigns may not require terms and conditions but offers, competitions and other marketing avenues will. JoyStars will work with you to ensure that the bases are covered, you can support your claims and that your customers will be delighted with what you are offering.