Top Tips for Radio Interviews
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Top Tips for Radio Interviews


When I say “Would you be happy to do a radio interview?” many of my client’s gulp!

But in reality, it is nothing to be concerned about.  You are talking to a person who is interested in your product, success, or event and it is best for them if you can present the relevant information in a clear and upbeat manner too.

For the majority of interviews, I ensure that the radio presenter has information on the relevant subject in advance, and if required by the client, will also ask for ‘a list of questions’ / the angle they will be taking so that they may prepare their answers in advance.

However as the interviewee, there is some preparation you can also do, to make you feel more comfortable and assured.  This will enable you to present your news professionally and with pride.  Below are some hints and tips to help.

  • Read through your notes a few times so that you are familiar with them.  Read them out loud to really prepare yourself.
  • Make a note of three key points you would like to get across. Don’t write complete sentences, use simple words to jog your memory.
  • Have your website address and contact number written down, just in case your mind goes blank.
  • Try and be self-assured. You know your topic, be confident in your knowledge.
  • Try to relax and imagine yourself talking to a business colleague. Try to ‘forget’ within reason that you are on the radio.
  • Believe it or not it’s important to smile! It will make you feel better and it will make you sound more upbeat.
  • While answering questions, it’s important to tell listeners what you want them to know, try to get your message across as much as you can within reason.
  • If you are asked a question that you are unsure about then tell the truth and say something like “I’ll have to come back to you on that point.”
  • Have a summary answer prepared in case you get asked: “Do you have any final words of advice for us?”
  • Have a drink of water before your interview to ensure your voice is clear.